• Women all over the world. Women supporting women. Me Time. You opened a door.
    I’m all fired up! What’s next?!
  • BIG TIME IMPACT – I progressed so much — on another level. Realized where I was stuck, holding back. I am now stepping into my life — willing to risk for happiness.
  • This was an investment in ME. #1 value — before a car or a piece of furniture.

Linda Lombardo

TENWOMENSTRONG is a powerful answer to my solopreneur question: where can I find support and challenge through likeminded women to help bring my vision into the future? Creating a series of radio dramas rooted in my own beliefs and designed to engage others, is no small task. Doing this alone is next to impossible. I made the leap with my Voice of Evolution Radio program to begin producing “In The Souls Waiting Room” — a phenomenal success. Thank you, TENWOMEN (Oh so STRONG) who were my partners in this quest! Thank you, Carolyn for your vision and your unwavering support!

Michele Dwyer

I want to write you for many reason but mainly to say thank you for your inspiration. You are fabulous and I learned so much.. I know it sounds … well sappy in a way, but, Carolyn, you changed my life… I feel it on the inside.. your vibration is contagious and sharing it with the world as CEO must be so rewarding and fun!

Paula Griffith Darr

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am rejuvenated, inspired, relaxed and full of optimism! Can’t wait for our next adventure — whatever it may be! I am so happy to be TENWOMENSTRONG! F* YES!!!

Karen Conkey

Our company was looking for an interactive program with the objective of grounding our top senior sales leaders in our culture while building their confidence to step outside their current paradigm for a more visionary approach to our business. Carolyn and her team worked closely with us to understand our needs, quickly grasping where we needed to go. They built a custom program that was both interactive and thought provoking for our attendees, going well beyond our original expectations. The seventy participants were thoroughly engaged throughout the program and left energized, recommitted and motivated to grow the business.

Karen Downey Lightfoot

I joined the original TENWOMENSTRONG at time of great transition in my life. The support, the process — Start Authentically, Explore Creatively, Live Expressively — was the EXACT RIGHT formula to build the next chapter of my life. I have never been happier. Thank you! More to come!!!

Virginia Berman

Carolyn’s coaching is practical and results oriented. Meeting with her saves time in the long run as she knows how to turn ideas into action. Her experience of managing teams and product development combined with her enthusiasm and creativity lead to smart and strategic directions. I highly recommend Carolyn for your personal and team coaching needs!

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