Yes, Of Course

Yes, of course!
says the Universe
Holding space
for you,
who is,
all ready

And from that place
you’ll hear the shout
in possibility

Turn up your volume
get off your chair
in vulnerability

Your purpose is here
your time is NOW
your creativity

Dust off your soul
dismiss your fear
into your destiny

Yes, of course
says the Universe
Holding space
for you,
who is,
ALL ready!

~ Carolyn A. Dragon

TEN of our Favorite Play Mates

  1. Jacqueline Stanford – Adventurer, Potterer – Jacqueline Stanford Pottery
  2. Linda Lombardo – Coach, Certified Forest Therapist – Long Island Forest Walks
  3. Lara Tallman – Owner, Proprietor, Coach – The Nest: Mind-Body-Home
  4. Cynthia Brown – Owner, Co-Founder – The Cynergistic Life
  5. B Wadsworth – Owner, Designer – BeezDezines
  6. Paula Sacco – Author, Healer, Photographer – Paula
  7. Meghan O’Malley – Owner, Founder – Fierce Love
  8. Marie Bankuti – Speaker, Executive Coach – Tether Free Vision
  9. Madeline Klyne – Founder – South Shore Insight
  10. Pamela Slim – Author, Speaker, Business Consultant – Pamela