• If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities.Ann Richards
  • There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.Martha Graham
  • A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.Marge Piercy
  • Each time women gather in circles with each other the world heals a little more.

TENWOMENSTRONG brings together circles of dynamic and inspiring women to lead their life on purpose.

We believe that every woman is talented, wise, and powerful. Our mission is to understand where each woman is in her life and to give her the tools, training and encouragement that will take her where she wants to go.

We are Authentic.

We carry out our mission with a high degree of integrity. We measure our success by the success of our members, partners and stakeholders. We are honest, loyal and trustworthy. And we seek out these qualities in our relationships and interactions.

We are Dynamic.

Our processes and programs are ambitious. They are created to reach millions of diverse women all around the world. They are delivered via various methods and in partnership with like-minded organizations.

We are Inspiring.

We are here to inspire and to be inspired. We provide open-hearted introductions and networking opportunities to feed and nourish our community. We believe that strong connections keep our community healthy and thriving—and that our community feeds the health and vitality of the world.

We are Leaders.

In service of those we lead, we aim to elevate our members to be their best and to achieve their highest goals. Together, we navigate uncertainty with courage—because there is no progress without risk. We take action and move forward—because that’s the way to learn, grow, evolve and achieve.

We are On Purpose!

Our goal is to be happy while helping others find their own happiness. We believe that when women lead their lives on purpose, they will achieve their personal, business and life objectives.

We believe there is no shortage of happiness, only a shortage of life to be happy.

Our Philosophy

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.Mary Oliver


In today’s busy world, it is easy to lose ourselves. As women, we are constantly giving ourselves away. We can feel depleted, overwhelmed, lacking creative spark, stuck or off track. While fully capable, we can achieve much more when focused and supported with the right people and processes.

TENWOMENSTRONG is grounded in this process

Start Authentically

We begin with authenticity. What is really there. Who we are. What is going on in the situation. We probe, pull back and examine to understand what is – in life and in work. We intentionally dive into an awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. Using proven tools and techniques, we gain knowledge at a deeper level. As a child, we instantly accessed our authentic self. We would enthusiastically and tirelessly use our talents and engage in our life/work. As we are “processed”, educated, socialized, industrialized and certified, we lose the “realness”. We are lost – our life, our work is not giving us the satisfaction we desire. We need a change. Something different. We need to move from a place of what is to what could be.

Explore Creatively

Creative endeavor is nourishment. All people crave it. And only from a place of authenticity are we able to truly create. By linking who we are and what we create, we bridge the void. Real people doing real work. Awake to who they are and open to what is possible – for themselves and those they interact with. TENWOMENSTRONG uses a series of exercises and experiences to re-spark and re-ignite. We each need to feel creative and alive in order to be engaged in our life and our work. Organizations need individuals who are alive, creative and connected with the business objectives and goals. TENWOMENSTRONG helps bring people alive and gets organizations on track.

Live Expressively

Live expressively means to put it out there. Make it happen. It is the focusing and prioritization and equipping of the plan to make it happen. And then it’s the doing it, saying it, being it. Show the players, the market, the world – TENWOMENSTRONG Game on! Life on! LOVESTRONG!

Our Circle of Generosity

TENWOMENSTRONG is committed to giving back with every forward action. As we become stronger and express ourselves in the world, a sister organization is supported as well.

In 2016 we began with a  book by Betsy Teutsh that “happened” to fall into our shopping cart.

Buy the Book

We began identifying our first round of initiatives and in September donated $100 to each of the following organizations:

  • Connector.

    Clean Birth Kits

    Clean Birth Kits provide sterile, disposable tools for safe birthing, protecting mothers and newborns from deadly infections. www.CleanBirth.org

  • Connector.


    Saving mothers lives – misoprostol is an inexpensive generic drug that prevents and treats post-partum haemorrhage, the cause of the majority of maternal deaths worldwide. www.LifeforAfricanMothers.org

  • Connector.

    Portable Solar Lanterns and Lamps

    Portable solar LED lamps and lanterns are increasing affordable replacements for kerosene, providing superior light while eliminating health hazards and fuel costs. www.SolarSister.org

  • Connector.

    Rainwater Harvesting

    Rain saucers are used for collecting and storing rainwater. They provide water security sparing women from hauling their family’s water supply. Surplus water can be used for irrigation. www.ProximityDesigns.org

  • Connector.


    Biking is much faster than walking and allows riders to transport heavier loads. Though bikes save people time and money, the poorest cannot afford them. www.Bicycles-for-humanity.org

  • Connector.

    Affordable Children’s Wheelchairs

    Lightweight, affordable wheelchairs for mobility impaired children expand their access to education and social connection. www.WheelchairsofHope.org

  • Connector.


    Mastering reading, writing, and arithmetic is perhaps the most powerful poverty alleviation tool that exists. www.RoomToRead.org

  • Connector.

    Inheritance Rights

    Overturning laws barring women from inheriting their late husbands’ property helps prevent widow from falling into extreme poverty. www.TheLoombaFoundation.org

  • Connector.

    Eradicating Forced Marriages of Girls

    Enforcing laws against forced girl marriages helps break the cycle of poverty they cause by curtailing girls’ education. www.GirlsNotBrides.org

  • Connector.

    Combating Sex Trafficking

    Sex trafficking must be stopped through international enforcement and prevention; decreasing demand and increasing education are important eradication strategies. www.ProtectionProject.org

  • Thank you! Your recent donation will help to bring a quality education to children around the world, allowing students to pursue futures of their choosing — regardless of gender or place of birth.

    With your critical support, our programs are delivering cost-effective, high-quality interventions in underserved communities across Asia and Africa. The proven impact of our work has inspired governments to start adopting our approach at scale, leading to systemic educational change that will benefit generations of students to come. This work is bringing new prospects to thousands of children, parents, siblings, teachers, and communities, and it’s only possible because of the generosity of individuals like you.  On behalf of the Room to Read family and the children and communities around the world whose lives you are transforming — thank you!Erin Ganju, Room to Read


  • Thanks very much for your recent gift of $100 to Proximity’s work, which we received through PayPal. We appreciate your support that helps farm families here to grow more food and earn better incomes this coming cropping season. Debbie Aung Din Taylor, Co-Founder Proximity Designs


  • Thank you so much for your $100 generous donation. You have made birth safer for moms and babies in Laos. Your donation will do directly to ensuring that every mother has a birth kit and that every Lao nurse is trained to ensure safe birth. In 2015 92% of funds raise went directly to provide 1,179 mothers with birth kits and 140 nurses training. Thank you again!Kristyn, Founder, CleanBirth.org


  • Life for African Mothers


  • Solar Sister


  • Bicycles for Humanity


  • Wheelchairs of Hope


  • The Loomba Foundation


  • Girls Not Brides


  • Protection Project


Our Founder: Carolyn Dragon


This is not another workshop or book club. This requires your full authentic, creative and expressive self — committed, dedicated, purposeful.


  • Gain Support
  • Be Challenged
  • Move Forward
  • Connect with Other Amazing Women
  • Maximize Your Resources & Wisdom
  • Create Impact
  • Inspire Generosity
  • Lead Yourself to a Higher Purpose
Connect with us!

Carolyn is a business professional with executive level sales, marketing and leadership experience working with classic consumer goods companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses.

Carolyn is an engaging and highly talented coach, facilitator and presenter. She gets it. She meets clients where they are and brings them to success. Visionary, enthusiastic, and grounded in results, Carolyn works with clients to understand their goals and then creates programs to deliver results.

Her business experience includes strategic planning, innovation, creativity, brainstorming, product development, team building and leadership development; negotiation, sales and marketing; and transformative life/work plans for individuals and organizations.

Consumer Packaged Goods:
Sara Lee Corporation, Hasbro, Stride Rite, Ahold (Stop & Shop/Giant Foods), Crabtree & Evelyn

Entrepreneurial Start-Ups:
LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, ButtonedUp

Direct Marketing:
PartyLite, NYR Organic

Women’s Adventure and Development:
Women’s Quest, Center for Women and Enterprise (non-profit)

The Poet’s Way®, Fish Ranch Think Tank – TENWOMENSTRONG, Workshops for Innovators, Unleashing Your Potential, virtual and in-person retreats, virtual and corporate on-site delivery

Carolyn is an MBTI certified practitioner and a professional life coach. She earned leadership certification from The Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Leadership Program and she served as the Boston Ambassador for The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) – the world’s largest in-person coach training school. Carolyn obtained the rank of Bard and Medicine Carrier of The Poetry Depths Mystery School instructed by Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem. Carolyn received her BA from Alverno College and her personal journey is profiled in Break Through Your Set Point by Dr. George L. Blackburn, M.D., Ph.D. Harvard Medical School.


Marie Bankuti

Marie is a high-energy professional who has built her 35+ year career on a commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous learning.  Her passion is creating an environment where others bring their very best to their work, while creating engaged and productive working relationships.

As a Leadership and Team Coach/Trainer, she works with organizations and individuals to support leaders at all levels in identifying, claiming and sharing their unique strengths, defining their own success, and creating their individual leadership style. Guiding teams in creating a new mindset with a focus on the team as a whole, and moving from where they are to where they need to be to produce sustainable excellence.

She is also a Project Management Professional/Consultant with 28 years in Information Technology and an extensive Business Analysis and Technical background. She is client focused, producing results through partnering with business and technical talent, inspiring others to achieve by example.

As a Professional Speaker, she is energized by engaging and inspiring audiences, while creating interactive experiences through keynotes, symposiums, workshops, facilitation, and roundtable discussions.

Marie is President and Founder of Tether Free Vision Inc., a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and Project Management Professional (PMP); Authorized Facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™ and the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment. Her Coaching and Leadership training are through Coaches Training Institute, CRR Global, and Team Coaching International, and she holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Emmanuel College.